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RVJET Flying Wing Platform 2014

RVJET Flying Wing Platform 2014

Designed as a high performance modular airframe specifically for FPV  flying, the RVJET has been developed with no expenses spared in R&D or production. RangeVideo envisioned the ultimate flying wing and rallied an elite team of top engineers and pilots in Sweden.

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Availability: Regular price 250USD. Shipping is starting today. It is last day for pre-orders.

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The scalable RVJET platform features 2 wings pans, a huge 1.95 meter (76.7 inches) wing span for ultra stabile video footage and a shorter 1.55 meter (61 inches) wing span for a fast and agile FPV experience. The wings are removable for easier transport.

The RVJET can easily carry a 10,000mAh 11,1V battery and reach flight times comfortably exceeding 30 minutes.

Besides a rugged foam nose, the RVJET features a unique and versatile camera gimbal, designed to suit both the popular GoPro Hero series as well as most micro cameras available on the market. The mechanics are designed to be 100% play-free, eliminating shaky video footage. The gimbal allows pan & tilt angles up to 170 degrees.Dome reflections are almost completely eliminated by implementing a smart design. The camera lens maintains an equal distance form the dome at all angles and is positioned extrmely close to the dome. The fornt dome is easily removable without any tools or parts, simply twist to lock into place.

The front facing camera dome protects the camera inside and is of extreme high quality. The material used is optically clearer than glass to ensure there is no image distortion and is hard coated to improve the scratch resistance.
Available in both black and white, the RVJET airframe is made from very durable molded EPO foam. The kit includes high quality injection molded hardware. On the underside of the wing the landing skid protects the airframe during rough landings and integrates a rugged hook that enables bungee launches.

The RVJET is shipped inside a custom made foam box that after assembly can be used for transporting the RVJET safely to and from the flying field.

Pre-order details:

There is a special price for pre-orders- limited time price.

Only black EPO available.
RVPNT will come in black plastic outer shell.  Red shell is availabe to purchase separately.
Skid color is black. Yellow and red could be purchased separately. 
Includes 2 clear domes. Mirror finish domes will be available to purcahse separately 
Includes the new heavy duty stronger glass fiber motor mount.  Lighter red mount available seperately.
Includes RVJET 2013 printed manual; - 2014 updated manual will be available for download. There are only small changes in the build.
All standard 2013 accessories also included as before (gopro 3 holder, servos, pushrods, etc)





Camera Pan + Tilt Control

Enjoy 120 degrees of motion!


Need a spare part?


Micro Camera Module
Allows mounting of any micro camera with a 12 mm diameter diameter threads (most common).
GoPro Camera Module
Allows mounting of GoPro1, GoPro 2, Hero 3 , Hero3+
Integrated Pan and Tilt
Full 170 degrees of play-free motion with swappable pan/tilt axis allows for precise control and stunning footage
Protective Dome
Distortion-free and scratch-resistant to protect your camera investment from the unexpected without interfering with footage quality.
Easy Assembly
Intuitive design choices complemented by a world-class instruction manual really narrow the margin of error ensuring success for even the most novice of enthusiasts.
Strong Design
Constructed from durable EPO foam which is reinforced by carbon fiber rods and features a replaceable skid for rough landings.
Flexible Design
Removable bottom wing covers, universal motor mount and a generous payload compartment provide the flexibility necessary to create groundbreaking applications.
Adjustable Wingspan
Included wing extensions allow for two wingspan configurations; shorter wingspan(1.55m) increases aerial maneuverability while the longer wingspan(1.95m) supports a greater payload and increases flight stability.
Safer Launches
Large hand grip was designed for safe hand throws but also includes a hook for bungee launching.
High-Performance Servos
Included servos were hand selected with quality in mind. Wing servos are digital, high torque, metal gear, ball bearing type. Pan &tilt servos are also metal gear and offer a wide range of motion.
Storage Container
Shipping container doubles as a protective storage container to keep your RVJET safe during transportation
Multiple Color Options
Choose between a white or black RVJET body and stay tuned post-launch for additional color options

Please check the downloads tab for the RVJET PDF manuals.


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RVJET Flying Wing Platform 2014
RVJET Flying Wing Platform 2014

Designed as a high performance modular airframe specifically for FPV  flying, the RVJET has been developed with no expenses spared in R&D or production. RangeVideo envisioned the ultimate flying wing and rallied an elite team of top engineers and pilots in Sweden.

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Dennis Build log

Dennis's RVJET build log

I bought the RVJET with their "power package"..

My setup will use the APM 2.5, GoPro Hero3 (black) for FPV and a Canon S100 for Aerial Photography.. This will be either or, won't be able to do both at the same time.. Using the EPO nose cone to hold the S100 camera.

I read a lot of people had problem with Rangevideo shipping orders but I bought from them anyway.. Shipping was fast, the shipped my order the next day.. Couple problems though.. I ordered a FrSky JR setup for my Turnigy 9x which wasn't in the box and no packing slip to tell me it was back ordered so I have no idea why it wasn't there. I called them on Saturday and got voicemail.. Sent an email but so far no reply yet.

Also they did not pack the box too well, either that or the post office went postal on my RVJet box! everything was loose and rolling around.. Fortunately, nothing was damaged except a couple corners of the EOP was mashed a tiny bit.. but those where the underside panels the glued into the wings next to the fin's.

I'm missing one of the small plates that go under the aileron to screw the control horn to.. but they sent 3 control horns so I think I can cut one down to work..

Also missing where control arm's for the wing servo's.. But a quick trip to the local shop fixed that..

I mounted adapters for my RFD900 antennas in the wings with extension cables. I also enlarged the holes in the body so that I can slide both the antenna cable and servo wire thru.

Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00498.jpg
Views:	194
Size:	297.6 KB
ID:	29917Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00499.jpg
Views:	174
Size:	189.2 KB
ID:	29916Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00500.jpg
Views:	175
Size:	175.8 KB
ID:	29915Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00501.jpg
Views:	214
Size:	352.9 KB
ID:	29914Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00502.jpg
Views:	246
Size:	331.4 KB
ID:	29918Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00505.jpg
Views:	218
Size:	257.2 KB
ID:	29920Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00504.jpg
Views:	244
Size:	247.3 KB
ID:	29919Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00506.jpg
Views:	224
Size:	329.9 KB
ID:	29921
Spent the weekend building my new plane! Got most of it assembled..

Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00508.jpg
Views:	265
Size:	377.2 KB
ID:	29923Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00509.jpg
Views:	297
Size:	537.5 KB
ID:	29922

I didn't like the long ailerons with the control horn toward one edge so I added a CF strip down each one for extra support.

Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00514.jpg
Views:	320
Size:	464.5 KB
ID:	29924

As you can see by the below images, my wings assembled with antenna ports.. 

Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00515.jpg
Views:	297
Size:	432.3 KB
ID:	29925

I cut a little bit of the forward EPO to get my Canon S100 to fit and then cut a little of the inside of the foam nose so it just fits in perfectly.. I'll cut a 2" hole under it tonight so the lense and come thru.. not sure yet how to attach the nose.. I don't want to keep taping it and wonder if velcro strips will hold up? Anyone have ideas on this?

Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00510.jpg
Views:	300
Size:	373.7 KB
ID:	29929Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00511.jpg
Views:	291
Size:	284.3 KB
ID:	29928Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00512.jpg
Views:	285
Size:	226.0 KB
ID:	29927Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00513.jpg
Views:	300
Size:	473.5 KB
ID:	29926

I built the long wing version but am a little confused on the wing spar.. They tell you to glue the joiner half way into the middle length (795) one but says nothing about the other side of it. Do you glue the other wing spare onto the joiner as well? Since the wings stay on by friction, will there be enough just simple sliding the other spar over the joiner? (the joiner fits a little loose).
Well, its all coming together... Just gotta figure out how to hook up the AdruPilot now.. Believe it or not, there is a ton of video's on it but none on how to integrate it into your plane! At least I haven't found them yet.. If anyone has a link, I would MUCH appreciate one! 

Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00524.jpg
Views:	442
Size:	385.4 KB
ID:	30184

A view of the RFD900 Antennas on the wings.. Worked out nicely.. 

Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00522.jpg
Views:	325
Size:	353.3 KB
ID:	30185Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00521.jpg
Views:	312
Size:	348.1 KB
ID:	30186

Here is the camera hole in the nose.. Probably could have gonna with a little smaller hole but this will work..

Click image for larger versionName:	DSC00523.jpg
Views:	382
Size:	383.8 KB
ID:	30187

As it sits right now, the CG is almost perfect... Slightly nose heavy but once all the wire are in should fit that..

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