January 10, 2018 1 min read

Here are some pictures and details about the RVJET Double:

First flight tests were flown LOS with 900kV power packs swinging 12x6 props on two 3s1P 8Ah batteries. What a rush ! Very powerful combo and the sound of the dual props is so impressive !!

Definitely need to strengthen the center fuselage section. 

Listen to that sound !

Moving on to the FPV version we first added a RVPNT and 1.2GHz FPV gear and changed to the Endurance Power Packs,  

6100mah 6S1P x 2 

Now with four , 4S batteries instead of 3S . 4hours flight time  AUW 4.2kg This was the maiden flight of 4S2P version. 35 km/hr wind. 

AUW with 4S2P x 2 configuration was 4.2KG as shown - with no extra payload on-board.


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