GPC GoPro Connector video out/charging connector for Hero 1, 2,3,3+,4

The GPC (GoPro Connector ) lets you get live video output from your Gopro and charge its' battery at the same time. Connect the video out from GPC to any video transmitter to use the GoPro as your FPV camera and record HD to the SD card at the same time. Never have to worry about your GoPro running out of battery in flight. We use the GPC anytime we are installing a Gopro FPV camera.

  • Gopro 4 will shut off live video output if the recording stops- be aware ! Use a large SD card or loop recording.
  • Gopro 3 Black (non plus) , is OK, but the quality of the Plus version is much better.
  • We recommend the GoPro 3+ Black for FPV.  You can find these used on Ebay.

Does NOT work with the Hero Session 4. There is no video output on the Session camera, unfortunately. 

We have some sample video footage from a GoPro 3+ Black in the video below (RVJET Over the Ocean..)

Download the GPC Manual.