Matek LED and POWER HUB 5in1 V2

Matek LED and POWER HUB 5in1 V2 includes a PDB (Power Distribution Board), 5V/12V Adjustable 3A BEC, LED Light Controller, a Lost Model Finder and a Low Voltage Alarm, making this a great option when space is at a premium. Developed specifically for Multi-Rotor and mini FPV aircraft, the built-in 5V BEC can be connected directly to the receiver or flight controller with Aux pins. Package includes PDB/HUB, nylon hardware and cable. 

Matek LED and POWER HUB 5in1 V2 Features:

PDB: Twin Pad - one side is positive, the other is negative


  • TVS input protection
  • DC/DC synchronous buck regulator - up to 95% efficiency

LED Light Controller:

  • 6 pair of LED light pads
  • Three LED Modes - Constant light, slow flash, fast flash

Low Voltage Alarm:

  • Adjustable alarm value - 3.4V, 3.5V, 3.6V, Off
  • Buzzer and LED light status of F5 has priority over F3 and F4
  • BEC Input Voltage: 7-26V (2-6S) 
  • BEC Output: 3A 5V - 12V 
  • LED Light Controller: 5V - 12V RGB LED Board Circle 
  • Alarm Precision: 0.1% 

Matek LED and POWER HUB 5in1 V2 Includes:

  • 1 x Matek LED & POWER HUB 5in1 V2 Board
  • 1 x cable (100mm)
  • 4 x stand-off (10mm)
  • 4 x stand-off (5mm)
  • 4 x nut
  • 4 x screw