Matek LiPo Cell Checker & Low Voltage Alarm

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Features 12bit MCU & a segment LCD screen that will show the total voltage & cells voltage of LiPo pack with 1mV resolution. It also features twin loud buzzers to notify you once the cells reach a user defined voltage. The lowest cell voltage can be recorded also.

Use for 2~6cells Lipo or LiFe.
Low power MCU with 12bit ADC.
Low voltage alarm & threshold setting. The lowest cell voltage can be recorded. Segment LCD screen, Clear display. Twin loud buzzers, 85db each.
Reverse polarity protection.
Working voltage range: 5~27V DC Alarm set values: 2.7~4.0V /cell or OFF Voltage resolution: 1mV
Voltage precision: +/- 0.25%
Standby current: <10mA
Pins distance: 2.54mm
Size & Weight: 25x44x7.5mm, 12g