Matek UBEC for HV servo, Gimbal & Camera Systems, 5A-12V/7.2V

Matek UBEC 5A-12V is a switch-mode DC-DC regulator, works with 7.2V~25.2V, and outputs a consistent safe power supply(7.2V or 12V) for your electric equipments. It allows you to use FPV equipment that only works with 12 Volts of power supply. it will power VTX, gimbals, cameras, LED lights,etc. It features a high efficiency switch mode design providing better heat dissipation when compared to linear voltage regulators.


Output Voltage: 7.2V@5A or 12V@5A (Selectable by the switch)
Output current: Continuous 5 Amps, burst 8 Amps.
Input: 7.2V~25.2V (2-6S Lipo battery)
Size: 60*29*12mm (L*W*H), Weight: 30g
Input cable 15cm (Silicone), Output cable 32cm(Silicone)


Uses advanced switch mode DC-DC regulator IC.
Much higher efficiency (up to 92%) than the linear mode BEC.
With ultra-wide input voltage from 7.2V-25.2V.
Output short-circuit protection function.
The working status is shown by an LED, it lights when the UBEC works normally.
Dual output sockets with magnet ring


The input voltage should be 12.6V minimum, to ensure stable output 12V.
Dual sockets output the same voltage.
Pay attention to the input polarity. Reversed polarity will damage the UBEC.
Properly insulate and regularly inspect all connectors to eliminate the possibility of short circuit.