RVJET 1950 mm FPV Flying Wing - EPP (Pre-order)

Molded from unbreakable high density  EPP .
Fit and finish of parts is slightly lower than EPO foam , but strength and toughness is much greater.  

Please watch this video on the difference from the EPO vs EPP RVJET. 
This high-tech kit includes:
- High density EPP foam airframe
- Carbon fiber spars , rods and strips
- Steel servo pushrods, control horns, linkage adjusters
- ABS plastic injection molded motor mount- black glass fiber reinforced. 
- ABS plastic landing skid with bungee launch hook integrated - yellow
-  Carbon battery tray
- 2x digital metal gear wing servos
- 2x servo wire extensions for wing servos
- Color printed manual
- RVPNT outer housing and 3 clear domes. No pan and tilt is included.
Not included in this kit :
- RVPNT pan and tilt 
 - Rangevideo anti-vibration mount for autopilot<
-  EPS foam travel box
Recommended building supplies:
  • Gorilla glue
  • Fiberglass 'strapping' tape
  • Thin CA glue
  •  CA accelerator  
  • #11 Razor Blades and Hobby Knife