Liberator Protector add-on for Headplay PCS

A plastic protection cover + battery protection/charging circuit for the Headplay video goggles. Purchase includes: -Top/bottom cover -Protector circuit -4x cover screws -2x orings - Simple protection cover - Snap-fit over Liberator - Connectors fixed with 3 o-rings. - Belt clip - Battery protection circut - Safely use any 2S Lipoly battery to power Headplay goggles.. - Charge 2S Lipoly battery using integrated charging circuit - Short circuit protection - JST balance plug battery connection How to use the Protector circuit Remove the original plastic Liberator back cover and insert the Protector PCB Push down. Do not use screws to hold PCB. Find a suitable 2S 7.4V Li-Poly battery and secure it with double sided tape. Connect 2S Li-Poly battery to Protection PCB using the white balance connector. Screw on bottom cover. Important: Plug in the Headplay A/C power adapter and connect to wall outlet. Leave connected for at least 10 seconds to initialize the protection PCB. If you do not connect the Liberator to the power outlet before using for the first time, it will not turn on. The Liberator LED will flash green to indicate that the battery is charging and steady green to indicate a full charge.