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RVJET Mapper

The RVJET Mapper is a complete fully autonomous mapping platform designed to be used with compact digital cameras like the popular Sony A6000. 

The dustproof camera mount is designed for compact cameras like the Sony A6000 series.  The A6000 is the optimal camera because it is lightweight, includes a flash hotshoe , and has the ability to be triggered through the MULTI port. For example, Sony A5100 is a fine camera for mapping, but doesn't have the flash hot shoe.  Sony NEX5 is a great camera but only supports infrared trigger; the MULTI wired trigger works better.  We recommend the Sony f2.8 20mm pancake lens. A more affordable  lens which works OK is the Sony 16mm pancake lens; it is not as sharp at the edges.

The Sony RX0 is very rugged and has fast shutter & quality optics. Waterproof, shockproof ,dustproof. Downside is no flash hotshoe.


RVJET Mapper 8S Flight Performance:
- 2 hour flight time
- 30 km range
- 19 m/s cruise
- Bungee launch
- Precision auto landing w/lidar

Key features:
- Dustproof camera mount
- Precision camera trigger with flash hotshoe integration

Professional assembly:
- Fiberglass reinforced fuselage & laminated wings
- Modular assembly- easy to access electronics. No glue.

Trusted electronics:
- Pixhawk Cube
- RFDesign PTY LTD
- LightWare
- T-Motor
- Castle Creations 
- Gens Ace 


Ready to fly out of the box, the RVJET Mapper includes everything required for conducting missions.