RVJET pocket hatches with antenna interface (2pcs/set)


RVJET pocket hatches stylishly provide airflow through the top of the accessory pockets of the RVJET; keeping minimal exposure of your electronics to the elements while providing maximum cooling.


The RVJET pocket hatches were specifically designed for the RVJET Flying Wing. They have integrated cooling vents to enable airflow over the video transmitter yet keep the VTx channel LED visible. The pocket hatch with diversity antenna interface supports and fits the frsky V8R along with most other diversity receivers. The EPO foam outlines located on top of the RVJET fuselage need to be cut prior a for perfect fit. We recommend using 5x1mm rare earth magnets to keep the hatches in place or simply push fit the gatches into the foam. You can also glue the pockets and access components from the lower hatch. 

RVJet Pocket Hatch Features:

  • Sturdy stylish design
  • cooling vents for video transmitter 
  • Visible Transmitter Channel and Receiver L.E.D. status