RVJET 1950 mm FPV Flying Wing Kit with Pan and Tilt Dome


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The RVJET kit will be carefully packaged and bubble wrapped and delivered in a cardboard shipping box. 

Designed as a high performance modular airframe specifically for anarchist FPV flying, the RVJET has been developed with no expenses spared in R&D or production.


The RVJET platform features 2 wingspans, a huge 1.95 meter (76.7 inches) wing span for ultra stabile video footage, and a shorter 1.55 meter (61 inches) wing span for a fast and dynamic FPV experience. The RVJET can carry up to a 10,000mAh 11,1V battery and reach flight times exceeding 45 minutes.

Aside from a rugged foam nose, the RVJET features a unique and versatile camera gimbal, designed to suit both the popular GoPro Hero series as well as most micro cameras available on the market. The mechanics are designed to be 100% play-free, eliminating shaky video footage. The gimbal allows pan & tilt angles up to 170 degrees. Dome reflections are almost completely eliminated by implementing a smart design. The camera lens is positioned extremely close to the dome, maintains an equal distance form the dome at all angles and is protected by a glare shield . The front dome is easily removed without any tools or parts, simply twist and lock it into place.

The dome protects the camera inside and is of extreme high quality. The material used is optically clear as glass to ensure there is no image distortion and it is hard coated to improve the scratch resistance.
Available in both black and white, the RVJET airframe is made from very durable molded EPO foam. The kit includes high quality injection molded hardware. On the underside of the wing the landing skid protects the airframe and clear dome during rough landings and integrates a rugged hook that enables bungee launches.

The RVJET is shipped inside a custom made foam box that can be used for transporting the finished RVJET to and from the flying field safely for assembly.

What is included in the box:

- EPO foam airframe- white 
- RVPNT pan and tilt kit 
- Total of 3 clear domes for RVPNT
- 2x RVPNT servos- digital metal gear
- 2x RVJET wing servos digital metal gear + waterproof
- Carbon fiber spars , rods and strips
- Servo pushrods, control horns, linkage adjusters
- Fiberglass battery tray
- ABS plastic injection molded motor mount- black glass fiber reinforced. 
- ABS plastic landing skid with bungee launch hook integrated - red
- 2x short servo wire extensions for wing servos
- 3x long servo wire extensions for RVPNT servos and FPV camera
- Color printed manual book
Not included anymore:
-  EPS foam travel box  

EPS foam travel box is not included anymore.
What you will need to complete your RVJET:
- 3 channel radio control system
- Power Pack : motor, ESC, propeller
- Battery
- FPV Equipment : camera, video transmitter, video rx / LCD


Download the RVJET Manual

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Looking for the RVJET kit without the wing servos and RVPNT?https://store.rangevideo.com/products/rvjet-1950-mm-fpv-flying-wing-without-rvpnt-and-servos


Micro Camera Module
Allows mounting of any micro camera with a 12 mm diameter diameter threads (most common).
GoPro Camera Module
Allows mounting of GoPro1, GoPro 2, Hero 3 , Hero3+ , Hero 4
Integrated Pan and Tilt
Full 170 degrees of play-free motion with swappable pan/tilt axis allows for precise control and stunning footage
Protective Dome
Distortion-free and scratch-resistant to protect your camera investment from the unexpected without interfering with footage quality.
Easy Assembly
Intuitive design choices complemented by a world-class instruction manual really narrow the margin of error ensuring success for even the most novice of enthusiasts.
Strong Design
Constructed from durable EPO foam which is reinforced by carbon fiber rods and features a replaceable skid for rough landings.
Flexible Design
Removable bottom wing covers, universal motor mount and a generous payload compartment provide the flexibility necessary to create groundbreaking applications.
Adjustable Wingspan
Included wing extensions allow for two wingspan configurations; shorter wingspan(1.55m) increases aerial maneuverability while the longer wingspan(1.95m) supports a greater payload and increases flight stability.
Safer Launches
Large hand grip was designed for safe hand throws but also includes a hook for bungee launching.
High-Performance Servos
Included servos were hand selected with quality in mind. Wing servos are digital, high torque, metal gear, ball bearing type. Pan &tilt servos are also metal gear and offer a wide range of motion.
Storage Container
Shipping container doubles as a protective storage container to keep your RVJET safe during transportation
Multiple Color Options
Choose between a white or black RVJET body and stay tuned post-launch for additional color options