RVGS Ground Station Tracker

Receiver Diversity - when you connect two audio/video receivers (of any brand or frequency), the RVGS picks the better signal at any given time, which can greatly reduce video fades and improve your FPV experience!

 Telemetry - When coupled with our RVOSD, all telemetry data is transmitted to your laptop, PC, via your video transmitter (using a nifty data encoding trick performed by the RVOSD) and the RVGS USB port  Your model's flight can then be graphed and displayed with  software, or visualized (either in real time or  after your flight) with Google Earth! 

Four Channel A/V Distribution - Ever wish you  had more video/audio outputs? The RVGS has  four built-in outputs! Outputs are independently buffered so levels are not affected by how many devices you plug in.

 LCD Display – show critical flight information like battery, altitude , and GPS coordinates on a bright and easy to read display.

* Power Input - Power input range 7V to 14V

* Two Servo Outputs for pan and tilt trackers -PSU is capable of delivering 5A output to drive even large pan/tilt servos. 

* USB Port for connecting to PC, for live PC display of telemetry and firmware update.
Note: A standard USB "Mini-B" cable is required for these features, but not included. 

-2 axis antenna tracking (requires mechanical tracker and servos)
-diversity controller 2 inputs. Based on advanced video signal analysis  - not RSSI. 
-4 way audio/video splitter 
- USB telemetry output. Use PC sofware to record and track your plane with Google Maps.


Sold separately but required:

  • RVOSD 
  • Video transmitter / receiver
  • Camera

Download RVGS Manual

More information here: https://www.rangevideo.com/rvosd/