RVJET Double Fuselage project

Here are some pictures and details about the RVJET Double:

First flight tests were flown LOS with 900kV power packs swinging 12x6 props on two 3s1P 8Ah batteries. What a rush ! Very powerful combo and the sound of the dual props is so impressive !!

Definitely need to strengthen the center fuselage section.

One of the first flights with 900kV motors and 12x6 props, non FPV. 

Check the sound !!

Moving on to the FPV version we first added a RVPNT and 1.2GHz FPV gear and changed to the Endurance Power Packs,  

6100mah 6S1P x 2
That's 4 of these batteries:  https://store.rangevideo.com/products/6100mah-11-1v-2c-3s1p-lipo-battery-pack-high-energy-density

Nice and gentle flying. 3 hours flight time theoretically , but I VANT more

Now with four , 4S batteries instead of 3S . 4hours flight time  AUW 4.2kg This was the maiden flight of 4S2P version.

 35 km/hr wind. 


AUW with 4S2P x 2 configuration was 4.2KG as shown - with no extra payload on-board.