The HeadPlay FPV Headset is packed full of features that every FPV enthusiast will enjoy. This headset was designed from the ground up with the FPV pilot in mind, with quality, performance and comfort at the forefront. The headset gently rests on the forehead/cheeks spreading the weight out evenly, which compared to many video goggles which rest on the bridge of the nose instead. Three straps securely hold the HeadPlay in place while at the same time blocking light coming in from the outside. The end result is a cinematic experience that is sure to impress. This headset is a great choice for FPV pilots that struggle to find a traditional FPV goggle that meets their Interpupillary distance (IPD). Instead of each eye having to look through separate optics, the new HeadPlay presents the pilot with one large screen.

Headplay Product Manual Download 

Low latency LCD

7" 1024 x 600 px low latency  high resolution display

True no blue-screen  displays even weak , static, video)

Hypersensitive 5.8 GHz audio/video receiver and loud speaker

Auto-scan channel finder

40 channels including new Raceband

Band and channel  LED indicator and pushbutton

High sensitivity-RF design by Hawkeye

HDMI input for latest generation HD systems and computer simulators

 Plug-and-play with HD FPV links like Connex ProSight and DJI Inspire

Low latency optimized


The digital video recorder records your live  flight footage to an SD card.

  • Record analog video to a micro SD card in .AVI format

Industry leading ergonomic design

Spreads weight evenly on forehead and cheeks

Superior comfort, materials, fit and finish

Three point adjustable head strap with silicone anti-slip belt

Five new colors : Monster Green, Platinum Silver, Battleship Gray, Headplay Blue, Matte Black

Light weight - 440 g

Headplay is the original box Headset

  • Ultra fine pitch F220 mm lens provides cinematic immersive view, and internal matte flocking eliminates reflections inside the viewing area.

  • AV-in for connecting to your existing FPV base station

And more:

Simple and smart battery holder for standard 2S-4S racing packs with XT60 connector

OSD voltage display with low battery warning

Voltage display can be moved to any corner of the screen or turned off


Box Includes:

1 x Headplay new 2020 color scheme white gloss plastic/ color belt and buttons.
1x DVR
1x F220 mm lens (installed)
1x F330 mm lens
1 x XT60 power harness
1 x 2.1mm barrel plug harness
1 x Face foam
1x  Carry bag

Sold Separately:
Battery, charger, RHO Pro lens, antenna