Affordable & professional solution for large area surveying, with long range capability to reach remote areas. 

Model Configuration Mission planning Autopilot Groundstation radio Camera GPS Extras
RV Mapper PPK LR RTF- Ready to Fly Mission Planner or Air Rails Pixhawk Cube 2.1 RFD900x Sony A600 & f2.8 20mm, Sony RX1R ii L1  + PPK Fiberglass reinforced fuselage body. Travel case
Airframe Specification 
Model Wingspan Airframe weight Payload Range Flight time Speed (optimal cruise) Takeoff (bungee) Landing strip (linear landing)
RV Mapper PPK LR 1950 mm 2.7 kg 800 g 100 km 120 minutes 12.5 m/s (45 km/h) 40 degree maximum 200 meters