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Maxi-Cure Pocket Extra Thick CA Glue (3/4 oz.)

Maxi-Cure Pocket Description: BSI has introduced a new 3/4 oz. size for our cyanoacrylates. The Pocket CAs feature a new top that has a pin built into the cap that covers the nozzle. This pin seals the bottle so that if it is tipped over, the bottle will not leak. This makes the Pocket CAs ideal for keeping in your tool or field box, just like our IC-Gel. One disadvantage that the new Pocket CA top has is the bluntness of the nozzle. This makes it more difficult to apply small amounts of the CA, especially in tight places. From the feedback we have received, it appears about 25-30% of users prefer the new Pocket CA top, which means that over 70% prefer our standard top for general bonding purposes. Most users are buying both types. Our original top for the workshop, and the Pocket CA for use out in the field. The 3/4 oz. Maxi-Cure Pocket Pictures: [img-4863-left-thickbox_default]