Motor/ESC for the RVJET Flying Wing

These are the most up to date motor/esc/prop combinations for the RVJET.  Components are subject to change; we always test new motors/props and as we find improvements, the packs are updated.


Endurance Power Pack

(updated December 2016)

The RVJET Endurance Power Pack is optimized for 25V (6S battery).

  • DJI E800 motor.
  • DJI 620S ESC 
  • 13x10  AeroNaut CAM folding  propeller
  • 44mm aluminum spinner + prop-stop
  • Matek Duo UBEC 

XT60 battery plug

Requires: 2x  3S 6100mAh Li-Po batteries , XT60 Series Harness

Sport Power Pack 

(updated December 2016)

The RVJET Sport Power Pack can propel the RVJET to top speeds of 70 mph with a 3S LiPo battery.

  •  35 mm 900 kV motor.
  • 65A ESC with 5A BEC and safety thermal over-load protection
  • 11x7 or 13x10 AeroNaut CAM folding  propeller
  • 44mm aluminum spinner + prop-stop

XT60 battery plug

Requires:   3S 500mAh-8000mAh Li-Po battery