Autopilot & Telemetry + LRS



F16 style graphical OSD
Battery voltage & current
Ground Speed
3 different OSD displays: F16, simple, or radar screen. 


Variable throttle control based on airspeed and power.

16 waypoints (coordinates and altitude). Autopilot will fly the programmed path.

You can override the mission at any time, with the following auxiliary modes:

Position hold (circle flight path above any point– loiter diameter can be set)

Fly-By-Wire(semi-automatic stabilized manual flight)

Heading hold (maintain constant heading course)

Return to home( return to take-off location and circle flight path at pre-set altitude) 

Other Features:

Supports up to 6S battery

100A current sensor with XT60 plugs

Filtered power supply for your video camera and transmitter

1A 5V PSU to power camera or vtx



RVLINK 430 MHz Long Range Control Link

Long range R/C repeater that integrates with the RVOSD6.
> 30 km range.

RVGS Antenna Tracker and Video Diversity 

  • LCD segment display to show critical info like GPS coordinates and voltages
  • Antenna tracking 
  • 2 input video diversity controller
    Working based on video signal analysis - not RSSI
  • Audio/video splitter 4 way
  • USB telemetry output. Use PC sofware to record flight patch and follow your live flight  in Google Maps