RV-Splitter 4-way Composite Video Distribution Amplifier

RV-Splitter is a 4-way Composite Video Distribution Amplifier.


  • High bandwidth
  • Low noise
  • Operates on 12VDC to 15VDC
  • Size 60 x 65 mm

The RV-Splitter lets you split one composite video source to four separate devices. Simply plug your video source into the distribution amplifier and you'll be able to view the split signal on all four connected displays. This is useful for connecting different devices to one video signal.

Power the RVSplitter with 12VDC. In the pictures the power input is marked 6-15VDC, this is an error. Correct voltage range is 12V-15VDC. A 3s Lipoly works perfect.

Important: this product is aimed for hobbyists, the RV-Splitter is provided without an enclosure. This keeps the price low. You must be sure to isolate the electronic board from short circuit. We recommend to use large heat shrink tubing.