RVMIC Tiny Amplified Microphone

RVMIC is a tiny amplified microphone that has adjustable volume control. It is compatible with all of our video transmitters ( except the transmitters with already integrated microphone)


  • Sensitive electret condenser microphone
  • Wide adjustable volume range
  • Three pin connector (2.54mm pitch, servo type)
  • Operates on 4VDC to 12VDC @~10mA
  • Weight 2 grams, Size 25 x 9 mm
The RVMIC can be adjusted to be very sensitive. It can hear conversation in another room.

The RVmic has three connections :

Power(Vcc), ground (GND), and audio out.

Power and ground connect to the red and black transmitter wires, and audio out connects to the white transmitter wire.
The FPV Wire Harness is plug and play with RVMIC.