RVJET Endurance Power Pack 02-2018

The new 2018 RVJET Endurance Power Pack  is an all in one (esc/bec/motor/propellers/prop-assembly) kit for the RVJET designed for long range flights using a 8S Li-Po.Power pack comes pre-soldered, tested, and assembled into the RVJET Reinforced Motor Mount. High strength steel screws,  aluminum washers and loctite used. ESC programmed for RVJET Endurance flying with brake enabled. CC BEC 2.0 set to 12V output. All settings can be further adjusted with the USB castle link. 

Our test RVJET flying weight was 2.5kg with 8s1P 6100 mAh and it cruised at 85W. With this setup you can achieve 120-130 minutes of flight.

The recommended battery pack is 2x 6100mAh 4s1p in series (8S 33.6V) with XT60 series connector.

02-2018 Endurance Power Pack Includes:

  • Tiger Motor MN4014-11 - KV 330
  • Castle Creations Edge 50A ESC with 5A BEC
  • Additional 12V BEC for powering Vtx or other equipment.
  • AeroNaut CAM folding propeller 13x8
  • 44mm aluminum spinner + prop-stop
  • Castle Link programming adapter
  • Castle Creations arming plug

Requires: 2x  4S 6100mAh Li-Po batteries , XT60 Series Harness
Note: Products pictures may show different prop size than listed above.