RVJET Endurance Power Pack

The RangeVideo Endurance Power Pack is an all in one (esc/bec/motor/propellers/prop-assembly) kit for the RVJET designed for long range flights.  

A heavy duty Matek voltage regulator is pre-soldered to the ESC.  Our test RVJET weight was 2.3kg and it cruised at 70W. With this setup you can achieve 1 hour and 30 minute flight times.

The recommended battery pack is 2x 6100mAh 3s1p in series with XT60 series connector.

December 2016 Endurance Power Pack Includes:

  • DJI E800 motor.
  • DJI 620S ESC 
  • AeroNaut CAM folding  propeller
  • 44mm aluminum spinner + prop-stop
  • Matek Duo UBEC 5V (dual 5V and 12V output) 

Requires: 2x  3S 6100mAh Li-Po batteries , XT60 Series Harness

More information here: www.rangevideo.com/rvjet-power-packs