1.2 GHz 350mW video transmitter


The recommended power source is a 3s1p Li-Poly battery. 

Power input is wide:
7.5-13.0VDC is the effective voltage range for this transmitter.
<7.5VDC the transmitter does not operate.
7.5-10.0VDC the transmitter will operate with reduced range.
11.0-13.0VDC is optimal for the maximum transmitting distance. 

The transmitter heats up relative to the operating voltage. It is normal for the transmitter to heat up 50 degrees Celsius when being powered from a 12VDC source. For prolonged life it is recommended to use a heat sink or place the transmitter in airflow. 

Warning: DO NOT power ON the transmitter without the antenna !! 


We ship two different versions of this transmitter, depending on your shipping address.

USA customers will receive 2 channel version :

CH1: 1258 MHz

CH2: 1280 MHz

International version will receive 4 channel version.

CH1: 1258 MHz

CH2: 1280 MHz

CH3: 1320 MHz

CH4: 1360 MHz


It's legal to transmit on only on 1258 MHz , and 1280 MHZ in the USA.


It is very easy to implement this transmitter into your design. The transmitter has four connections:

Red: Power 
Black: GND 
Yellow: Video in 
White: Audio in

You can connect any composite video source to this transmitter. This includes but not limited to:
Digital camera video out
Video camera video out
Micro camera video out

The included FPV wire harness makes it easy to connect the following devices:
Gopro camera- use with RangeVideo GoPro Connector to get composite video out.
KX6 micro camera - the video out cable is included with the camera and plugs right into the FPV wire harness
RunCam 2 / Foxeer HD cameras- the composite video output cable is included with the camera and plugs right into the FPV wire harness