1.3GHz audio/video receiver with Comtech RF module (4 channel)

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4 channel audio/video receiver. Standard SMA antenna connector. 2.1mm center in positive power connector.This receiver is compatible with all Rangevideo 900MHz/1.3GHz transmitters. Known as being one of the best quality receivers, now with the 1258MHz frequency to work with the new line of video transmitters! Excellent filtering: won't get interference from UHF LRS systems like some of the other receivers do. Frequencies: CH1: 1258 MHz CH2: 1280 MHz CH3: 1320 MHz CH4: 1360 MHz Includes: 3' RCA audio/video cable and standard wire whip antenna.Made in Taiwan and features the better quality Comtech Tuner moduleHas the new popular frequency for FPV: 1258MHz [img-1089-left-thickbox_default][img-1091-left-thickbox_default][img-1088-left-thickbox_default]