2.4GHz 700mW FPV video transmitter / antenna / harness PACK

Warning: DO NOT power ON the transmitter without the antenna !! Doing so will burn the transmitter. Description:Made in China. Powerful 2.4GHz 700mW audio/video transmitter. It is very easy to implement this transmitter into your design . The wire harness is plug and play with our cameras. Just be sure that the camera and transmitter are operating at the same voltage (12V).Or you can hack the harness (harness not included in this product, sold separately) and find these wires:Red: Power (10-12VDC)Black: GND Yellow: Video in White: Audio in You can connect any compositve video source to this transmitter.Digital camera video outVideo camera video outMicro camera video out Heating: It is normal for the transmitter to heat up during use. Frequencies: USA version 4 channels : (Ch.d)2305, (Ch.E)2396, (Ch.0)2410, (Ch.1)2430MHz International version: 14 channels: 2410 2430 2450 2470 2490 2510 2390 2370 2350 2330 2310 2290 2305 2396Mhz Its legal to transmit on 2305MHz , 2396MHz, 2410MHz,2430MHz in the USA. http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Regulatory/Band%20Chart/Hambands_color.pdf