AeroNaut Carbon Fiber Folding Propeller Blades 11x7" (set)

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High Quality German designed folding Carbon fiber/nylon propellers.

This generation of folding propeller blades developed by Rudi Freudenthaler is intended for electric motors, developed with a thin blade section and wide chord to generate high levels of thrust even at low rotational speeds using CAD to ensure the accurate blending of blade pitch and airfoil.
The material used is a combination of nylon and carbon fiber, which provides a very rigid and solid propeller blade even under high loads. The CNC produced molds and carbon fiber reinforced propellers themselves are manufactured exclusively in Germany.

Aeronaut Cam Propeller 13x10" Features: 

  • High pitch and wide blade
  • Extremely durable carbon fiber and nylon construction
  • CNC presion cut
  • Solid under high loads

 The 11x7 is a good prop for the RVJET Sport Power Pack , especially when running a 4S battery.