Ardupilot Fixed Wing Flight Evaluation Kit (Pre-order)

The RangeVideo Ardupilot Fixed Wing Flight Kit is based on the RVJET Flying Wing and Pixhawk™ autopilot , targeting students and drone enthusiasts.

The Flight Kit includes the Pixhawk™ 2.4.8 autopilot and accessories , a Ublox 7 Series Nano PX GPS, and the RVJET Flying Wing Kit and Power Pack. The Flight Kit does not include the flight battery, charger or R/C controller. 

  •  Comprehensive DIY kit for the enthusiast 
  •  Tested and proven components selected by RangeVideo
  •  Professional level airframe
  •  Low-risk , low-cost 


    • Ardupilot Autopilot with RVJET configuration.
    • Current Sensor, GPS, analog airspeed sensor and pitot tube
    • 900MHz/430MHz 500mW telemetry set
    • RVJET 1950mm Flying Wing Kit
    • Power Pack - motor, ESC
    • CAM Aeronaut carbon fiber folding prop
    • Machined aluminum spinner
    • Digital waterproof metal gear servos


    • Assembly 4 hr+
    • Tools : glue, hex drivers, X-acto knife, tape
    • 4 channel radio and receiver
    • 4S 5000-8000mAh Li-Poly battery
    • Battery charger


    • Bungee Launcher