Headplay WiFi wireless adapter

Review: The adapter was packaged in a easy to open standard Headplay accessory plastic pack. The first step of the install was to upgrade the firmware to 1.20w this is different from the HD upgrade 1.20r that was release a few weeks prior. After upgrade I download TVersity, its important that you read the instruction on the headplay wireless install link prior to installing TVersity. It'll instruct you NOT to launch the program until you update the profile.xml file that you download from the instruction page. If you read and don't rush through the install you should have no problems. The readme.zip file that you download on the instruction page has two helpful files one being "Best use with other Drives.docx" which shows you how to setup custom folders and drives. Note if you do not have MS Word, google Word Viewer 2007 and download the progrom from the microsoft site. Once you've completed the install and configured TVeristy you can now plugin your Wireless adapter.When you connect the wireless adapter you'll see and icon appear next to the Main Menu text and you'll have a Media menu link. Okay, I'll admit I did have a slight problem once I got to this point, but I was able to figure it out without complain or calling HeadPlay. Like any wireless setup it requires configuration depending upon the user setup. Straight out of the box the HeadPlay Wireless adapter is set to be used on an open network without any secruity, dhcp setting, ssid, etc... But, we know 90% of people with home networks have some type of configuration i.e. security key or custom mac or dhcp settings. This part wasn't documented anyway, and I would hope HeadPlay would add this to a Troubleshooting or a Wireless Custom Settings section. On your Headplay go to System Settings - Wireless Settings, select the Wireless adapter and click the center (ok) button on your remote. Select configuration, on this screen you'll be able to set everything need to allow your adapter to be seen by your router. Cool feature HeadPlay added a keyboard I thought that was pretty cool feature. Example of my custom settings for my personal network. (don't use, just an example)Alias: HeadplayAuto Connect: YesAuto Configure Network: NoIP: Security Mode: noneOn my wireless router, access is limited to specific IP address with Mac Address that I specify. Eliminating the need for a WEP security. Anyway this is just to show that you can customize the settings to match you network router setup. I also don't broadcast my SSID (this is the name of your network router) so I had to go into my router and turn on SSID broadcasting so Headplay could find my router. After my router and headplay found each other I was able to disable SSID broadcasting again. My setup is pretty unique but I think it touchs on pretty much every custom setup most people would have. Especially the SSID broadcast. After you're done with all of that you may need to restart your router. You should be able to see a check and a )))icon symbolizing you have wireless connection, next to you wireless setuo and the green light should start blinking on your adapter. Head back to the media menu and you should be all set. You can also double check on your computer that has TVersity open and running. click Status and you should see Headplay PCS as a device.One thing I didn't like is more of a design flaw of the Liberator the upside down USB ports so instead of seeing the nice headplay text logo you see the barcodes and serial numbers on the underside of the adapter.Overall I love it, streaming is great i'm able to watch TV shows, Youtube videos, dvd, videos, etc. This makes the headplay completely mobile around my house. I haven't noticed any issues or problems yet soo i'll give this a 4 1/2 stars out of 5. I wish it was built in since the adapter sticks out. But, I have an idea for that, going to get a short usb extension cable them mount the wireless adapter on top of the liberator.Keep up the excellent work headplay, now if you can just create a side eyeview cover and a comfortable holster for the liberator that would be awesome.