Matek UBEC Duo 4A/5~12V + aux channel switch + battery alarm

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This device is a high-efficiency, switch-mode buck regulator with two output channels, works with 7~26Vdc input. One output channel is capable of supplying 0~4A/5V for your RX or Flight Controller. This device also features another output channel with 4A & 5~12V (adjustable), inbuilt power switch that is operated by a spare Aux Channel, this feature can also be used to power and switch on/off a wide variety of electric equipment, such as Multi-rotor Gimbals, Video Transmitters, FPV camera systems, HV Servos, navigation/landing lights, bomb drops, etc.


Switch-mode buck regulator
Two output channels
Built-in Aux control (on/off) function
Low input voltage alarm and threshold setting (3.4V, 3.5V ,3.6V ,3.7V per cell & automatic cell count detect 2-6S.
Output short protection


Input voltage range: 7~26V (2S~6S Lipo battery)
Out-1: 5V, 6V, 7.2V, 12V (adjustable), 4A, Max 6A. Inbuilt Aux control switch.
Out-2: 5V, 4A, Max 6A
Efficiency: up to 95%
Standby current: 10mA
Lipo voltage alarm setting: 3.4V, 3.5V ,3.6V, 3.7V /Cell & OFF
Input cable 20cm (silicone 20AWG), output cable 30cm (2 pairs, silicone 22AWG)


20 cm servo cable (male to male) for the Aux channel input.