RV2200 2.2g / 0.2kg / .0.8sec Micro Analog Servo

Excellent fit for many small projects. Application RVMICROPNT pan servoRVMICROPNT tilt servo*Please note: The RVMicroPNT ($29.99) already comes with 2 pcs of this servo (pan and tilt).Servo Specifications: Size(L*W*H): 16*8.2*16.5mm 0.63*0.32*0.65inch Weight: 2.2g/0.08oz Speed: 0.09s/60° @2.8V 0.07s/60° @4.2V Torque: 0.07kg-cm@2.8V | 0.1kg-cm@4.2V | 0.97oz-in@2.8V | 1.39oz-in@4.2V Motor Type: Coreless Motor Wire Length: 200mm Wire Color: Brown, Red, Orange Plug Type: 2.54mm pitch