RV65A 65 Amp ESC with 5A adjustable SBEC

The RV65A ESC is a rebranded ZTW B-Series ESC. ZTW brand is regarded as top quality for ESC products. Supports high RPM motors and can be used with most of the motors in the RC market
 Secondary sub-menu setting and is easier to program
 Adjustable BEC output 5.0V/5.5V/6.0V and Continuous 5A current which supplies the Servo with much stronger power
 Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity
 Power arming protection prevents the motor from accidentally running when switched ON 
Auto throttle shut down in signal lose situation
 Safety thermal over-load protection, when the temperature of ESC exceeds 110 deg C,the ESC will reduce the output power to allow it to cool
-Use new generation of the MOSFET to ensure ESC's heating low,supporting biggest Peak current and higher reliability
 Brake for folding prop Output: Continuous Current 65A, Burst Current 85A for 10 seconds Battery Cell: 5-18NC/2-6Lipo Weight: 58g BEC Output: 5.0V,5.5V,6.0V adjustable/5A Size: 30 x 56 x 11mm